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Rising Tide strives to create a positive impact on our planet by utilizing ethical practices that prioritize environmental health. Through a commitment to sustainability, we believe we can build a better future for everyone.


We source sustainable, organic, and Fairtrade-certified ingredients promoting biodiversity while ensuring fair payment and protection of workers' rights. Avoiding harmful pesticides and synthetic chemicals reduces negative environmental and human health impacts. Fairtrade certification promotes sustainability and equity in our supply chains, benefiting all involved.


We prioritize sustainable farming, renewable energy sources, and recyclable packaging to interact with the environment responsibly. We promote responsible agriculture that conserves soil and water and prioritize earth-friendly packaging solutions and energy-efficient production processes to minimize our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.
Focus creamer is a powerful vegan creamer that features a blend of nootropic brain foods. Only Organic Ingredients.
Handcrafted in San Diego, CA in small batches. We work with the best ingredient suppliers across the globe. No Grains or Fillers.

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