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Not your average coffee creamer.

"Be warned, this stuff is addictive. Love this product, love the brand!"
- Gemma


Proprietary blend of lion's mane mushroom and mct oil to help ignite creativity and improve focus.

Creamy &

A light toasted coconut flavor with no funky aftertaste that will keep you coming back for more everyday.


Only 5 Ingredients


Vegan & Organic

Achieve More Everyday

Where to find us

We source the best ingredients from across the globe to bring you a powerful vegan creamer that features a blend of nootropic brain foods.

Lion's Mane

Helps improve memory and concentration

Coconut Milk

Rich in antioxidants and healthy fats to help maintain focus 


Healthy fats to support neurological health and digestion

Acacia fiber

High soluble fiber that supports digestive health

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