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Focus Bundle

Focus Bundle

Bundle and save with 30 servings of both Original and Unsweetened Focus Creamer.

Focus Creamer is designed to improve cognitive function, memory, and concentration. We've combined powerful nootropic brain foods, including Lion's Mane Mushroom and MCT Oil, to create a delicious, brain-boosting creamer. 


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Frequently Asked Questions
Will Focus Creamer really help me focus?

Yes. Our proprietary blend of ingredients has been shown to provide a mellow long lasting brain boost. That's why we made it! You just need to figure out the best dosage for you.

Is Focus Creamer a Powder?

Yes FOCUS CREAMER is a shelf stable powder that will stay fresh in your pantry (with the package closed) for 6 months. No preservatives or funky stuff, only 100% organic ingredients.

Are there any additives or sweeteners?

Our original creamer is lightly sweetened with coconut sugar, a pure nectar taken from the coconut plant that has a low glycemic index. Our unsweetened creamer has zero grams of sugar.

Can you consume while pregnant or breastfeeding?

While it is perfectly safe to consume our product during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, we always recommend consulting with your physician before repeated use.

How much caffeine is in the product?

Our creamer contains no caffeine, it is up to you how you want to supplement it with caffeine. Customers love it with coffee, tea, and more.

When is the best time to consume focus creamer?

We may be biased because we like to drink FOCUS CREAMER all day long. However, we recommend it first thing in the morning to get your energy levels up, your focus turned ON, and your happiness at an all time high. It's the perfect way to start the day. It also works amazing as an afternoon-pick-me-up. It gives you calm sustained energy that takes you smoothly right into the evening hours.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship domestically in the US only. We are working on expanding our shipping options as soon as possible to offer FOCUS CREAMER to fans worldwide.

Where is it made?

Our company is based in San Diego CA and our products are all produced locally in Los Angeles. Our organic mushrooms are sustainably grown in China. The other ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers worldwide, being thoroughly tested for mycotoxins and heavy metals. We ship from our warehouse in San Diego CA straight to your front door.

Are functional mushrooms the same as magic mushrooms? Whill they make me trip?

While we think the mushrooms in our blend are perfectly magical due to their health benefits, no they are not psychedelic or magic mushrooms and they will not make you trip. With over 10,000 species of mushrooms out there, medicinal (or functional mushrooms) are distinct from magic and have absolutely no psychedelic effects whatsoever.

Are you certified gluten-free? Vegan?

Yes! All of our ingredients are gluten free and vegan. We go through thorough testing before every production of our creamers.

Are you organic?

Yes, all of our ingredients are organic and we are certified by the USDA!

How should I use it?

FOCUS CREAMER is a powder. Stir 1-2 tablespoons into 8-10 oz. of coffee, tea, or smoothies and use a handheld frother to make it extra foamy and frothy! Nut and non-dairy milks blend very nicely for an even creamier texture (although it's plenty creamy already due to the MCT). Add extra flavorings to taste.

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